Monster merry-go round

Music always relaxes the soul I love to hear the music of past times. I sit back close my eyes and try to remember better days, than I open them and see myself where I was before I started listening. Vanishing away the good times: What takes away those good times? Our stubborn mind that’s attracted to struggle, for some reason many prefer the challenge of struggle instead of that sure thing,, then we can just relax and live life. Some try to own others emotions and do as they want with them. The amazing thing is that a monster creates a bigger monster. The one which got the bad deal just does the same to others in order to get payback. Unfortunately the real monster gets away untouched and a new monster is created and on and on we go till we are all monsters of life and all the good people are gone….. Than we say I wish the good people where still here…..
By Tyrone Garcia.

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