Columbus hangover

Today it has been very emotional for some folks Christopher Columbus is no longer a national hero. For the truth has hit and we all know all about his foundation of creating the driving directions to North America. and the inquisition . Although he can be blamed for the torturing and enslavement of Indians, and the Africans which were bought on the slave ships. He was out of the picture quick a matter of fact Columbus became depressed because he really never got any credit for the so called new world discovery. The Spanish conquistadors where the real bad guys who terrorized the Caribbean… But does it matter Columbus been dead for over 500 years. I have seen people block friends today over there different opinions of this sensitive subject.How can a man who has died centuries ago still have so much power that he has friends fighting each other over opinion. I don’t know!! all I know is that right now on the island of Puerto Rico we needs allot of help if the island s gong to survive What we need is for Puerto Ricans who care so much of the island to form a group and lets go fix our home.Right now the economy is terrible,education is down, law enforcement is down, small business is falling, drugs are taking over, and as I see it Tiano or Puerto Ricans are killing Puerto Ricans on a daily basis. So for those who hate Columbus so much lets turn that energy towards the culprit of today Washington !!! how about we march and ask for our independence since Washington dont care about the island anymore. Than we can have our home back. Do I here any takers I guees not. so enjoy your cell phones nice American homes cars your kids wearing 95 dollar sneakers and just stop being ¬†freaking hypocrites because as much as you all complain you don’t have the balls to fight and take back your country from the Columbus of today..
By…Tyrone Garcia

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