Why do people consume Alcohol, illegal and legal drugs?

Alcohol and drugs performs as a stimulant for people and offers an escape hatch into an unrealistic world that will become insanity as they continue to use it. Some soldiers who were wounded in war time would become addictive to morphine because of the way they felt after.   In the story of Mike and Dr. Lawton what hurt the treatment and what killed Mike was the biggest killer that faces every alcoholic, drug addict and mental patent, Denial. Doctors are always going to be more on the scientific approach when it comes to any physical problem.  Dr William Silkworth Md  : who has a chapter the   (” Doctors opinion Alcoholic Anonymous “)   came up with the theory that an alcoholic suffered from a physical allergy and mental obsession and that a physic change of mind would be the only salvation. Dr. Carl Jung had tried to help an alcohol and felt as locking up the patent would be his only salvation.  The spiritual approach is more of the patient taking a self appraisal and changing the bad stock within with the good stock. The word God is used but it’s more the person who affirms within himself that he needs help.  The acceptance of the problem and believing in a  higher power, but all the time what the patient does is come to understand that total abstinence is his/her only hope for survival. The theory of an allergy is a great one for if you’re allergic to strawberries and you get sick you learn not to eat them. The alcoholic has to live the same if they wish to live a sane life.  However there are heavy drinkers and when told alcohol is affecting them they can moderate. Drugs is another problem because it’s illegal and it kills faster, but sometimes prescribed drugs can also make someone co-dependent like volumes. Cocaine which was a big thing since coca-cola started has been an addictive drug but only when you’re using it, whereas heroin is highly addictive and can turn a person in an animal if they don’t get any of it. I unfortunately had the privilege of growing up in the South Bronx and as a kid in the 60s saw people shooting hereon in the hallways including my older brother who later on died of hepatitis c. a disease you can get by using dirty needles   Though allot of times the upbringing can have allot to do with people drinking and using drugs or it can be hereditary. I remember when young alcohol gave me confidence so before going out to a club or whatever I drank with my friends plus it gave me an effect of greatness that made me feel good.  To end this long post I would like to share that my drinking and drugs days came to an end with me looking out of a window on the 17th floor thinking of jumping, but something happen to me that diverted my thinking  to run out of the apartment. I ran to the streets like a man who lost all touch with reality, but here I am 23 years later sober and happy and trying to earn a degree in my late years of life so I can work in rehabs and help people like myself.

What are some of the effects of AOD on the developing fetus?

The effect is very sad I remember when crack cocaine became a panic the hospital were delivering babies that where addicted to crack and it was a terrible problem. Alcoholic mothers or mothers who drank while pregnant also hurt their children.  The child’s brain is affected because the child consumes everything the mother takes in. The child can develop abnormalities from mothers who can wait till after the pregnancy to have a drink or drugs and even some mothers who take medication on a constant basis sometimes have to stop it or else the child is ń danger of having his/her own problems when born.

What can be done to reduce adolescent mother’s use of AOD?

Education is always the best result. When I remarried my new wife had two boys and I had taken full custody of my daughter and we all moved to Virginia. I had many conversations with my children about addiction and gang life and stood on top of them every day. My wife wasn’t an alcoholic but practiced the 12 steps for her last husband was and she was still dealing with some problems of the impact she had in her last marriage . All my kids would go to one AA meeting a week where other kids where so they can here the stores and understand the horrors of having that problem. Today my daughter is a law school student at Regents My younger son is studying sociology at Norfolk state and my other son s married and working only my youngest son had an occasional drink but I see that he is responsible with it so I accept it. So teaching people about the problem is the only way to instead of trying to hide them from the realities they face is the answer to a more successful non- alcoholic and drug life. Learning to know who you are and understanding your character defects is the touchstone of a great life. Oh yes I’m a grandpa so now I have another child to raise the right way…

If any of you would like to read my story I wrote a book available on amazon.com or e-book it’s called   ‘ ‘ Soap that doesn’t clean” By Tyrone Garcia.

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