Love is always available.

Why do people hurt each other so much? I don’t know I do know that people prefer a challenge than just letting go and trust in the one that gives them the better chance to be happy. Love is one of the hardest emotions we all deal with in everyday life. We all have our fantasies of who we would want to have and try our best to turn them into a reality.. Unfortunately sometimes they don’t feel the same about us, but we continue to beat ourselves up trying to persuade them, but we always come up empty. What is the best course of action to take when dealing with this uncomfortable situation? Walk and don’t look back for if we were good there is another just waiting for you to look their way and there you will find the happiness you been looking for. We say that God is in control, but we find ourselves trying to take over all the time saying no to God unconsciously. Most people don’t have a clue of what they want most people are looking for security and not love and there is where they find themselves in the abyss of unstoppable problems in their lives. Is it their fault I think not for the parents are responsible for raising their children and letting them go when there are really ready for the world. The world is cruel, treacherous, and full of games that we try to play and lose than find ourselves in a whirlpool of trouble. I wish I can love the world the way I love myself for I see many crying on the corners and there just looking for love. Why is it us humans degrade ourselves for the mirages of life? We chase the wrong thing and always wind up falling on our faces. I say this to you all Love yourselves and those who love you because love is the cure for depression nothing else. Have fun and enjoy life for it only comes around once than we go to sleep. Love yourself first than pass it on so you don’t fall into depression when you see yourself alone. Cut ties with the past and look at yourself and change, change everything that makes you miserable change how you look change how you talk change everything than look in the mirror and smile.

BY Tyrone Garcia    author of the book ‘ Soap That doesn’t clean”

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