We must grow.

The games of life always evolve around people who haven’t grown up yet. They feel that sending disturbing messages affects your intellect. The problem here is they are creating anxiety within themselves and there defense becomes their childless acts. Low self-esteem is what makes a person try to make you jealous they do it to see if you like them, the funny thing is all they have to do is ask.  A person  can fall into intrusive thoughts and and their lives can become very unmanageable and develop a compulsive disorder.. Many people don’t know but their upbringing has allot to do with their actions of today. I will give you an example.  When I was a kid say about 7 years old I was told that I was a worthless person in front of a class room full of kids by the teacher. The year was 1967 and me being the only Latino dark skinned boy in the class was traumatized by it. I thought for many years that my  race wasn’t any good and only white people where good. So being a bad person was acceptable and my defense was that I was suppose to be this way. I one time tried to clean the dark skin off my body with Brillo because some of the white kids said I was dirty. Many people when young where traumatized with something that brought them to there problems of today. I have overcame those emotions thanks to a very good 12 step program which taught me to find the true me and start to change. Everybody is a child of God and deserves all the chances available to change. We the grownups have a responsibility to help them  for if we sit back and do nothing we then  have become worse than them….

BY Tyrone Garcia

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