Sure Your Grateful!!!!!

Gratitude are you really grateful for your current situation? Saying that you are grateful for your life isn’t always the true answer for some people. Some people are truly living in hell and will say there grateful out of respect for God.  But does God believe you? No he doesn’t because he knows what your heart desires. I guess it depends in your environment you could be in Palestine and constantly be fighting oppression, you can be in a poor country where a glass of fresh  water will make you grateful,or you can be in the great USA where capitalism rules.. Every situation is different for every soul and God knows that, but its us the people who make life unbearable to daily living. Lets talk about Americans. The big time spenders who complain about almost everything. But why? because money goes so quick in this country that you never have time to even enjoy it. Prices are always going up and job salaries going down. Companies and institutions charging fees like we have the funds to give. I call America the home of bad debt. Small business owners are being destroyed leaving the mighty rich to enslave us more and pay us less. Having people to be dishonest and do things they would never do like losing their dignity and becoming informants to the boss so they don’t lose their jobs. The treatment of employees here in Virginia for some companies is atrocious  and makes me feel like its the 1700s all over again. The people of America are fighting for their lives to make ends meet so what is there to be grateful for.  We parade around the world like we are the chosen ones, but have more slavery here than any country in the world. Why because there is nothing greater than the power of money. Yes I said money is the greatest power to the people of the world. We fight wars, enslave people, hurt people, and destroy families everyday over money. The layman farmer who built america has become a forgotten soul into a capitalistic frenzy of non- constitutional politicians who had broken the back-bone of this once great nation. President Franklin D Roosevelt offered a plan that will always keep America strong. That plan was to give every American the good qualities of life. But greedy capitalist people and corrupt politics have turned America back into the slave country it was when the colonist where being over taxed by Great Britain.  Are we a democracy or a monarchy of rich people and sold politics? I think we are. The revolution was about the Colonist which are now the Americans to fight the oppression it was receiving from there mentors. Do we need another one?  when is the American public going to take responsibility to take there country back from there so called politicians that spend more money on foreign policy than on their own people? I’m a supporter of helping, but when the tax payers are being gouged to support wars that don’t make sense its time to question the status Quo . Back to being grateful  are we or are we not? for me I am, but I’m also a little biter about how things are going. so I ask myself can I  leave it in Gods hands?   maybe this time God is leaving it in ours……

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book ” Soap That doesn’t clean”

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