The yelling Boss

The man cant talk without showing emotion, he cant work without showing emotion, he cant have a conversation without showing emotion… Let me introduce you into the angry boss who cant function like the others he’s  a trainer of hate, evil, and mental discomfort. He runs people away instead of keeping them around. The bad thing is his boss feels like he’s a great trainer although other people here feel different.  Today a trainee gave him some of his old medicine.. He yelled back at him and the trainer didn’t know what to do. Maybe he’s getting weak or  getting old. What called his attention was that the trainee did it more professional than the trainer. What does the trainee have that the trainer don”t?? A life without resentment. Yes whats wrong with the trainer is he is so full of resentments that he cant function in society anymore. He will either live with anger or change and live in harmony. He does have a hell of a road ahead of him but it’s not impossible to do.

By Tyrone Garcia   Author of the book   “Soap That doesn’t Clean” 

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