A message for you

I’m posting this message for those who need to read it. I see that our thoughts and inner feelings are about about goals that we want whether money, family etc its all about wants and needs. Many go to church and some don’t ,but church is not the answer!! for many people go to church and are more lost than the ones not going. Life’s daily decisions are based on what cards we are dealt at the moment. Sometimes we pick the right sometimes the wrong one. Either way its a learning experience and you will profit from it. But here’s the catch you must be able to accept the good along with the bad . No body has a full life without problems and sad times. Its how a person gets back up is when you really have past the test on life, God will help you but with your thoughts and people he will never show himself for we are in his image and whether you go to church or not he loves you… Your daily obstacles are not an omen its how people treat each other is why the world is so cruel and unjust. I have been through this and going through it at this moment but my faith is strong and I believe that I have much to be grateful for. God never promised us a great life but he did give us the resources to live happy, for he doesn’t bring the burdens you have neither does the devil !! its us the people who bring it to ourselves and once we accept this the burdens will disappear and the good times will roll,…so make your faith strong even when your making your bed in hell… 

By Tyrone Garcia

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