Life choices

The road to any type of recovery no matter what it is your recovering from takes one big step. Looking in the mirror and accepting that you did it to yourself. Than after you have beaten your denial you can start on your journey up the ladder of success. We all have curiosities and infatuations we deal with that can lead us to moral bankruptcy. The winds of life can stir our day into turmoil and later on that week oblivion can set in for we can be very stubborn with daily life. I have seen that people must change on their own no one can really change a person or thing for the journey of everyone has it’s limits. I remember in my own denial people telling me things I didn’t want to to hear, but it always stayed in my mind and when the problem continued so did my thoughts of what people had warned me about. To bad i failed to heed the good advice given me, but my curiosity controlled me more than my morality can. We think that the outcome of something will come out bright but the years of failure should tell us when to just let something go. However not everything can be looked at this way for we need to continue on somethings depending what they are.The best thing God gave us was the power to think and analyze our faults and failures and within those failures we can find success if we fix and and go with what’s right. I have spend years healing from my mistakes but continue to see struggle for I have not yet understood the world we live in. Many like me are also in the same situation. The problem with me is I don’t stop being me so am I wrong or is it just a cruel world I live in? I don’t know but hopefully  I will find out one day and be blessed for I have been smacked, disrespected, and used, but so did  Jesus and many other good people who tried to bring harmony into a world of self-seeking people who use your emotion to take advantage of you. I don’t believe in heaven or hell but I do believe that the people who live there lives righteous will continue to live that same life after there gone. On the other hand the users and abusers will continue to live that life well and beyond their lives. So i say this don’t change because of people, change because your life needs to in order to be a better person even if only a small circle of people are with  you….

By Tyrone Garcia….

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