The fanatics are out…

20140122-234059.jpgI was at the oceanfront of Virginia Beach yesterday evening and the fanatics were out talking damnation. I just would like to add to his fear preaching that he was passing on going to hell. I believe we all make heaven and hell in our daily lives and the mistakes we make are part of the learning process we go through on earth. They say that we will be judged when we die but as for the the parables of Christ we should not judge, so than God will not judge us neither… The decisions we make will bring us hell and we will pay for it . The object of life is to change and find spiritual progress not perfection for when we are perfect there is no need to continue here for than we will be ready for Gods paradise. So i say to you this grow and learn and try your best to live life on the spiritual level and not on the fanatic level. For when you tell a person he/ she is going to hell you yourself are passing judgement and breaking the laws of God. Enjoy your Sunday

By Tyrone Garcia

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