Chasing Success…

 Chasing our dream is always a tough journey for we want so much. It starts with us how far are we willing to go to reach that goal? Denial is the first problem that always attacks our emotion the most fighting for something that is not doing you any good. Our walk in life should always be about positive energy not negative. We should always believe that the impossible is possible!! for without that we are surely dead. The life of a dreamer is always lonely because everybody else is chasing a reality they cant handle so their walk is harder. The reality of a dreamer is that they can do anything and anything can happen at any time. I guess that is why there are more miserable people than happy people, because they spend there whole life in a reality that was set up to enslave them and keep them away from the real life they desire. So i tell you this continue to dream even if your dreaming in hell !! because we all have the inner power to bring to us our desires. The trick is? staying positive and keeping away from anger it’s hard but very possible…..have a nice day  

By Tyrone Garcia….

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