The journey continues

Life is  a journey a real hard one- one that can make you lose yourself and everything you believed in. The mirages of life can fool us into something we think we want but its all a lie. Thank God we keep in the back of our minds the morals that got us here. When the universe see’s you drifting away it turns a light on in your memory so you can start to to come back. I’m going on two years writing on this blog and I can see it coming but still be in denial of the truth. How can we step away from the only people who love us for a new start of something that may not be right for us. ” How blind can we be when the morals are gone and our ego and vanity starts to take over””  Doomed we are for we are running into a wall of ongoing problems. I might say that from the wall can come the bottomless pit of a doomed soul.. Why must we in the course of a life deviate from what make us happy?  Self doubt is always knocking, but we don’t want to open?  The memories of my life are mine, but i can destroy them with a bad move. Laugh out loud  what fools man can be when coming to the good looking mirages… We are all Gods creatures some of us are strong and good followers, some of us are weak and slow starters,and some don’t even try for they are full of envy and sorrow. I chose to be strong and follow the universe. For I  will stay on course till the end of my walk. For the roads are dark and cold and my light is far away, but I will continue to walk on the dark and bright road of life for I have many miles to go……. May your dream come alive in 2014  By Tyrone Garcia

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