walk life slow like the turtle.



When you look at a turtle you see a slow walking living creature of God. I wonder if turtles ever make mistakes because of their very patient life. I mean you have to be very patient to walk so slow and never use the fast walk or run method. One accommodation us humans have is we can walk slow, walk fast, run and jump in a car, bus, train, or plane. We have all the resources to fly by life and get to old age quicker than any living creature on the planet. We spend millions of dollars trying to be fast so we can accommodate our needs and wants. The more I think about it the more I see how much of life we miss and how much of life we destroy trying to get to point A to Z as quickly as we can. Everything is about speed in human life even when it doesn’t have to be. I will tell you a story

There was once a man who always rushed his decisions. He never stops to look long term he just went with the moment and said “if it doesn’t work I’ll deal with it”…. He would spend a fortune on bad ideas and stay in debt for many years. He was never able to save any money for his bad loan debts kept him always broke. He would pray to God for help, but when the light came on and relief was near he found himself in a bad debt again always thinking that the day would come when his bad debt days be over. He eventually got old and he couldn’t work anymore he found himself living with his brother who allowed him to stay with him. Life had flown by so quick he never recovered basically because he never stopped to think and take his time when making a decision. He failed at everything just because he didn’t take short solid steps like he should have done. One day he sat in his room late at night and asked God why he allowed him to fail. God replied. “You never stopped to listen” The man became angry with himself so angry that he tried to end his life, but his brother caught him and saved him from committing the cowardly act of suicide. Several days later he went into a store for some supplies and decided to purchase a lottery ticket. The next day he checked his ticket… He had the winning ticket that paid him one million dollars. He was happy and told God thank you so much. Then God replied “don’t Thank me thank yourself for taking your time and listing to me” He paid off his brother house and continued to live with his brother till his death.

May your Dream come alive in 2014?

By Tyrone Garcia;  Author of the book ‘ Soap that doesn’t clean”

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