Our dreams come without asking.



It’s been a good today. I practiced a little humility by asking people for their prayers and blessing and they responded great. I got to say that I do feel good about myself and my future. I don’t have to ask nor do I have to fight. My future is already been planned by God. There is nothing I can do to change that. All I have to do is wake up every morning and be grateful to be alive and thank God for it. I don’t know why we ask God for help and ten minutes later we take back our problems and try to fix them ourselves. If we learn how to use our higher consciousness we can here God speak to us.  We spend so much time chasing dreams that never come true and the reason for that is we are not chasing the dream that was set up for us. I believe the reason things don’t work right in our lives is because we are on the wrong path and we need to get on the right one. I’m not talking about everyday problems that we encounter I’m talking about problems that have not gone away in years. I don’t think God plays the” I’m testing you trick on us” We use so many excuses to justify our mistakes and all the time we blame God or try to use God as a shield to protect the  terrible decisions we make on a daily basis. We spend hours praying, but fail to shut up and listen. Sometimes it’s better to sit in a chair and just be quiet and listen within for the words of God. I have heard prayers so long that I believe God just turns off the hearing aid. I do understand that we are trying to make sure that God gets the full order. But don’t we say all the time that God knows what we need?  Just have faith and live your life without asking and you will see that you will never have to ask for with only your thoughts God will know  what you need. There is an opportunity for me to be in business again, but I’m going to need help to get started.  But if it’s not in my future then so be it or not …..I will follow Gods plan not mine. If it comes to me may I prosper and be successful and help my fellow man and women to prosper and be successful also.

May all your dreams come true  2014

By Tyrone Garcia… Author of the book “” Soap That doesn’t’ clean””

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