Immigration is the least of our Problems.



Today I read an interesting article. The state of Texas decided to send arm guards to the Mexican border to stop the influx of immigrants. Why do we as a nation with such much land and so much to offer promote hate for people who looking for the same thing our ancestors looked for 500 years ago? How can we be a nation full of so many morals and churches enabling harsh decisions by our leaders? I think immigrants aren’t our biggest problem, but the leaders of our country are. The rich are buying properties outside the US and investing in foreign goods along with turning their money into gold. Over the last several  years gold sales from jewelry stores and shops  has dropped, but  people selling their  gold to  pawn shops have grown. Even in the mall there are little shops set up asking people to sell their gold. Who’s selling? People who are broke looking for money to pay their unplayable bills. Why? The American dollar is just a piece of paper with no backing! soon to be that a piece of meaningless paper. China and other nations are pushing for US currency which is used by every country to buy internationally, to stop supporting that idea and that countries should use their own currency. If that would to happen illegal immigrants would be the least of our worry. I always say believe in the opposite of what our leaders tell us. To me I really don’t care because what is written will come and the war between good and evil is already in motion. So for all you people who think you have the answers to the immigration problem look at the real one our money.  Look around you especially in the financial world banks are hardly given personal loans only credit cards for those with good credit, employees being forced to take direct deposit. But anybody can get a 300% interest rate payday loan and have you check ripped apart every two weeks. Making your credit worse than you can’t pay off your good credit, because you always short!  yes immigration is really our problem. I believe the day will come when we are trying to go into Mexico ourselves since we will be a worthless society of paper money with no backing to support it. Karma is a bitch and what comes around goes around. In the end God will prevail and life will be restored to the people “for the meek will inherit the earth” the Bible….

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