The Playground of the past






Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. When you come to the realization that you’re not going to see someone you loved like a family member or friend because of death you tend to get depressed. The memories are all you have especially when they were your best advisor during the rough times. We all will have this experience in our lives and will have to deal with it. The moments you cherished the most are what you will miss. We try to relive the moments and enjoy them but it’s never the same. I feel that’s when you really get to experience love when you lose someone and know they’re not coming back. There is a good side to it all though. You can learn from that person and follow their footsteps and teach and bring happiness to another person who is in need of the same love.  Love should be a merry-go-round and everyone should pass it around so our society can grow with harmony.   Dreams, fantasies, wish, and hope is our life and we have nothing but a deep desire to experience all of it. I miss many family members that are gone today but I try to bring them back through me.. I try to do as they did for me with new people. I guess when my day comes I will have people missing me also for I have been like the people who I admire and loved and do miss so much. The playground of the past is where I want to be sometimes but I can only go in memory.

Have a bless evening

By Tyrone Garcia.

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