The terrible 50s or are they?

The mind sometimes plays a game on us. We think we are doing the right thing but were not. We make crazy decisions and rationalize our thoughts. How many find themselves in allot of trouble when they do this. The middle ages can catch you by surprise if you are not keeping an eye on yourself. I learned in Psychology that there’s no such thing as a mid-life crises. Well maybe there isn’t ,but I do believe man does struggle with the turning point of his life when hitting his mid age point. Fear of becoming old is the answer to all this. You raise your kids and they go off to college, married, or just moved out and right away you think you’re done. So you find young friends and start to act young yourself trying to relive the glory days of young hood. How many have lost their families of many years together over this? I believe many. How many have left their wives for younger women only to find that they don’t understand you. . Is the problem the shut down middle age women have and men also? For some reason couples think that it’s just the grandkids and kids and the husband and wife thing just dies. One additional problem is making ends meet. You find yourself living paycheck to paycheck paying bills and putting money away for old age, an old age that will be just telling stories over the fire place on the struggles of your lives. My advice is this.. all marriages need to keep it young, and every once an while get crazy with each other for that will keep the flame of love going till the end. The young ones will never understand us for they are just getting started and have no idea of what you know. It’s up to them to find out just like you did……Have a nice day….

By: Tyrone Garcia….     :0)

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