The 22 year detour

Today mission is to start rebuilding within the vision I had 22 years ago. The detours and fantasies have been rough, but as I start to put away what’s not in my plans I learn more and more about life and the problems we create in them. Like always I met new people and gave them a helping hand when I could and I also learned much from them. I learned that when you make a plan don’t deviate from it because you will get lost trying to find your way back. People can be good and people can be evil and I guarantee you both will show up in your life. People will also use you if you’re weak, because some people never had the good fortune you may bring them. Unfortunately that’s your fault if you didn’t control it. But my question is why use good people and respect the bad ones?  The human mind can become confused and misleading whenever it encounters a new way of life or fortune. That’s when the learning process becomes your priority. Life is nothing but experiment after experiment and as much as we don’t agree we are an experiment. Is there really love or is just dependence on someone so you’re not alone? Are there really men and women in “Just in case cages” … just in case you’re needed? To take the place of someone that not sure how inconsiderate Humans have become. The world of fast money and low paying jobs has the people using each other out of fear of inheriting the streets of the earth. The answer to life is harmony within the circle of peace and love of the people who give it. We can’t control the world but we can help by starting to control our emotions and instead of anger stay focus on love. Love the ones who give you happiness and pass it on to those who don’t have it. Let people know that there are good people out there and the time to trust and be honest is the way to go. It’s time to start the merry-go-round of solidarity and unity of the people before it’s too late and we become a society of out of control animals. Trust when people do good for you and be honest with them don’t mislead them so they can stay with you but see what you can learn from them so you can pass it on to the next one…..

May you all have a wonderful day?

By; Tyrone Garcia…..

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