The Lake


Today I did some volunteer work for my job. We went to Wakefield Virginia to participate in a camp for kids that suffer from Muscular Dystrophy. I saw young kids with a disease that didn’t allow them to have all the gifts healthy people have, I saw kids with pain within and out. Their life span is not long and they look like there crumbling up from the muscle dysfunction. We played and decorated cakes trying to give them some sort of happiness. My eyes teared as I looked upon children that wont have the chance many of us have. Right before lunch I decided to walk to a lake at the campsite. I stared at the beautiful lake and took several pictures to share it with friends. But the lake told me that I have no reason to feel bad for some of the situations in my life. For I can walk and run and be normal so can my kids and grand-kids. Why is it that us humans always have to see the suffering of others so we can remind ourselves how grateful we should be.This day humbled me in a way that I hate how I have been so greedy for  many things. I have all the blessings in the world which is good health, life, and a loving family. What am I chasing? looks or just plan old greed for more. I guarantee those kids would take a any  life as long as it’s healthy. I say today I will never fret again about anything for I will remember the lake that taught me how to be grateful…..

My we all be grateful today for what we have health….

By Tyrone Garcia….

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