Justified discontent

What is it that makes a person change their decisions so much? How can you make everyone happy including yourself? It’s impossible for many to do,but I see I have been able to. Miserable I am!! But I try to accept it. The nicer you are the more vulnerable you are to those seeking to take advantage of you. I kind of like following the old struggle mentality when coming to making others happy. People always think they know what they want, but we never know what others want and    we won’t let anyone have what they want. For we are selfish people making rules to suit ourselves. How many are doomed to the rules of others? Are we not humans who demand the same? I guess not. Our decisions should be everlasting and we should live and die with them.. I think not!! For the human race should be free from false hope and unwanted life decisions. Acceptance is the hardest choice we can ever make. Who wants to change what they are happy with or are not ready to let go of. Why must people lead others the wrong way knowing that they are wrong for doing it.  The world needs an entire cycle of change.  We must exchange selfishness with understanding, honesty and acceptance of the wishes of others. I guess people can grab on to a good person and hold on to them as long as they can until not needed anymore leaving them sad and unhappy.  It happens every day in the world and then depression sets in leaving another person in the rejection mode. My belief is that we should learn to listen to ourselves within and never make a decision based on the moment. I think most people don’t know what they want they just know very little and usually mess their lives making quick decisions. People pray for jobs and money or a family and when God delivers they find other things to ask for like “Get me another job” discontented we are! for we have reached a milestone of crying over things we don’t want, we just think we want it. Call it justified discontent…. For we all live this way in a world full of vanity. Ha Ha the mirages get us every time!!  We are like the castaways lost in the desert and everywhere we look we see a puddle of water to drink, but when we put our dried thirsty selves to it its dry and was never there. How deceived we are for the evil is loose and laughing and our prayers are weak. For our society is built on hypocrites and false friends. But there is one salvation that can help us. That’s higher consciousness of our Higher Power. God gave us all a powerful weapon it’s called a brain and a heart. Without them we cannot live. So the next time you do something that requires a lifelong decision, use your higher consciousness instead meditate on the problem for awhile do not get caught up with the moment for everything you do should be thought out. For every large step you take its harder to step back if it was a mistake.


By Tyrone Garcia   Author “ Soap That Doesn’t  clean”  coming soon  ” The Boss and the Fighting Tier”


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