The angry women….

The song that brings me more happiness is the one by Kirk Franklyn “The reason why I sing”   I’m not much of a Christian but I do believe in the story of Christ. I believe that real people fight till the end just like he did. The song says that our love for life comes from Jesus. I can appreciate that for we are praising a man who went through a living hell and kept his word and faith in his father in Heaven. How many of us feel like the road has been too hard and are ready to fall right on their faces.   I know I  feel that way when things  don’t go my way. Life has a way of being unjust to some of us and great for others. Others that we may feel don’t deserve it. I believe that our daily judgment of others has more to do with our hard times than anything else. Our bad decisions also have much to do with our terrible times. We lose faith quickly when our prayers don’t come through. I will tell you a story.

There was once a woman who always complained about life. She looked at everybody, but never herself. She was always frustrated with everything and if you told her anything about her she would get angry. Her friends would became successful and she would wonder why not her.. One day when she was crying a man walked up to her and said .what’s the matter? She said that “God had abandoned her”. He asks “why do you think God has abandoned you? She said “because I have nothing, but problems and all my friends are doing well and I’m not. An addition that some of them don’t deserve it but I do” … He said well who are you to judge when you yourself have many terrible problems of your own?  She quickly got mad and told the man to mind his own business. Than the man said “ That’s why God has  abandoned you, because you have abandon him when he’s tried to talk to you” …Her eyes open and she was shocked for the words sounded like not of the man speaking ,…but as God himself was talking to her. She decided to listen and then she walked away humbled. Several months later she was a different women she had much glow within her and her aura was bright.  all her problems were gone. She never again judged another person and when people spoke to her she listened. She was blessed with love and when she sang she sang for the love of God and nothing else.

May your Dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia..Author of the book “” Soap that doesn’t clean”” and coming soon  The Boss and the fighting Tier””

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