The darkness

I believe in miracles. I pray for them to happen every day and have faith that it will happen. I believe when you are at your limit of tolerance and ready to fall a shining light will pick you up and carry you away from the darkness. The dark days of life will always be around seeking out weak souls, but when we have strong faith we can defeat the darkness. The darkness can be anything that makes you uncomfortable spiritually or physically. People do their fare share of making life difficult and sometimes they’re the ones you trust the most. The darkness likes to use those closes to you because the darkness is smart and knows everything about you. The problem is that people almost all the time fall to the darkness and forget. The darkness likes to take advantage of you, steal from you, betray you, mislead you, and finally cause misery.  There is a solution to this and that is faith, prayer, and trust.

By Tyrone Garcia

One thought on “The darkness

  1. so sorry about the death of your brother – I am praying for you and the rest of his family for the strength to get through the grief.

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