How long does it take for one to see the truth in what they’re dealing with? Is it insanity or just obsessive behavior or the omen in your life? For we all try to be the fixer of everyone’s life. Why do people continue to carry the burdens in their lives when there are so many solutions? Why is there evil, hate, envy, despair, mistreatment of others, and why are the good people always getting slammed with problems when helping others? I don’t know, but I have been put through the test and I see that we must join hands with people of our level of gratitude and happiness. You can’t change anybody you can just hope they will catch on by learning from your actions. In Psychology they teach that people like to stay on their level of friends because they feel more secure. They prefer to be with someone they can identify with than someone that can take them to higher places in life. They cut off their growth by staying stable on something that won’t budge to grow because their accept the constant results they get.. This sounds harsh but it’s true. Some people should be left in the world they understand and not forced into yours. I think as humans we always try to pick ourselves up and we try to give it to everyone that needs it so we can keep what we have. Life can be an experiment and boy have I experimented the last year or so. I have seen so much and been through so much that I’m ready to throw in the towel and go back to my regular life…. I pray for those who don’t know that there is more to life than the daily routine they live. The journey of life should be followed and never avoided for until you don’t finish your journey as printed you will do it over and over until complete…  and that is what I call heaven or hell………..!!!

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book ‘Soap that doesn’t clean”

The Boss and the fighting Tier” is coming soon…..

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