Count your Blessings..

What a day it has been many miles to go before I find paradise. I seek life to fit my needs, my fantasy/s my wealth, my feelings, my short comings I need it to fit everything I want. Whets the holdup though I’ve been waiting for a long time for my dream to come and It never does…. Oh is it that I may be asking for things I already have?? “ Humm” maybe I have all the things I asked for. Maybe I need to stop asking and start counting the blessing hat I have. I will share a story.

There was once a man who was miserable because he was always struggling. Nothing ever worked for him. He spends more time praying for help than working on the problems he had. All the time “God I need this” or “God I need that” just never ending… One day as He was praying and he paused:  he looked around and saw what he had. He looked at the window and saw his car, apartment, family, love, friends, job, everything may not have been the way he preferred, but he was richer than most others who were worse than he was. On his way to work he listens to a sermon on the radio. The sermon talked about people who were never grateful for the things they had. The pastor goes on talking about how God will not pass on anything else until you are happy for the things he has already given you. When the man herd then pastor preaching, he knew inside the pastor was talking about him. He later that day went home and started praying about how grateful he was. Later that month he started seeing things happen that led him to his dreams and wishes. He became satisfied and lived a happy life.

How can we expect more gifts when we are not happy with the ones we were given before. The universe is like a magnet you can ask but you must be happy for what you have know in order to keep receiving…

May your dream come alive in 2014?

By Tyrone Garcia Author -: “ Soap that doesn’t clean”


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