Judgmental Help.



Why do people always have to judge someone after they help them? Is it a New York thing or what you trying to do is tell the world you did a good thing. I think both. People love to be acknowledged for what they do and sometimes they have to say it several time for it to be noticed, I believe we all have done it once or twice, but we are not perfect and will continue to make terrible mistakes. I have helped people lots of times but I have also been helped. My life hasn’t been perfect and we all have money problems. I will tell you a story.

There was once a family who was doing well they always helped others when they could and money never changed who they were. One day the dad lost his great paying job and they started to struggle. The bills were paid late the mortgage was behind and their were just living to get by. A family member decided to give them unlimited help in order to get them back on their feet. They opened a business. The business was up and down and for ten years they had their good times and bad, but they always did their best to help the community and friends. Eventually they had to sell the business because of hard times because the sales weren’t there. Their kids decided to enroll in college and work to help themselves and take the pressure of their parents. Nobody came to help them they were all alone and people just started saying their mismanaged the business and money and that’s why their broke. The days and months past and they struggled, but they never fell eventually the parents found a good Jobs and they were making 75.000 a year together and started getting on their feet. The kids went on to do good in college and two of them are working and one is starting law school. The parents even thou never received any financial help form friends they did get some from some family members.They continued to help people when in need and they have never lost the roof over there head.God took care of them and they had everything they needed.

God is the only one who needs to know who you helped because he is the one who is going to make sure when your hard times come someone will be there to help you. So count your blessings and be happy, for life needs to be cherished not money.

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia  Author of the book  :soap that doesn’t clean” and coming soon  ” The Boss and the fighting Tier”

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