What do they know…

I wonder why people always think they know whats good for you? We all follow life’s rules, but when are the rules of life not for you? I believe that everyone is responsible for their decisions. We make them and deal with them. Life is a gamble and we roll the dice every time we are confronted with a problem or opportunity. I feel at times we drive people more to insanity than to helping them make their decisions. I will tell you a story.

There was once a women who wanted to marry a man she loved. She met him at the mall and they started their friendship.The man had a terrible background he was divorcee twice and had a drinking problem that he was working on putting a stop to. The man had several months dry from alcohol and was just getting back on his feet. The women was so infatuated with him that she fell to his knees with a need to have him all the time. She went on to get council from Friends and family and all of it was negative. They told her it would be a matter of time that he drinks again than you will not be so happy. She cried and cried because inside she wanted him and was willing to gamble, but the family and Friends were so strong with their  experiences and past life problems that she decided to take their advice and not follow her heart. They broke off the relationship and she would not see him till 8 years later. While trying to buy a car the young lady  bumped into her old flame at the dealership. He was also buying a car. When she confronted him with so much happiness she ask how he was doing? He said ” I’m doing fine I’m married with two kids and I have my own business, I did everything I told you I was going to do.he says. He then said goodbye to her because he was going to buy his car and left her right where she stand.

The moral of the story is you cant make love decisions based on people’s past experiences.  When it comes to love only you can make that decision because its your heart not theirs and only you know what you want.

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book   ” Soap That doesn’t clean”      and coming soon ‘ The Boss and the fighting Tier”  

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