Uncle Toms…..

Why is it when someone wants to attack the system may it be the Government or a company, someone always has to come out and tell them to stop making trouble. Have people forgotten about freedom of speech or the right to tell the public about something that may be wrong. People have become slaves to the new society order which is slavery. Companies everyday do bad things that draws the attention of the public and there is always one that has the courage to say what on his/ her mind. If we are an american society than anybody has the right to complain or attack a company for it’s wrong deeds. Capitalism is very powerful and requires unconditional greed from the capitalist. Morals are not part of that system but the destruction of someone and his company is. Unfortunately for the capitalist  there are people who find out the bad deeds they do and are than past on to the public. However sometimes bad management can be the culprit here. managers using their power to do as they please and getting away with it. I have been a victim in the past of this bad trait of terrible managers doing as they please. But what irks me the most is when people lay down and start to accept this and  don’t do a thing about it but you hear them complaining about it. The world of discrimination has yet to leave our society! we still suffer with racism whether nationality or personality. The company I once worked for had some of these problems and when I decided to share them to someone out of disgust  of what I heard from several other managers and people. I lost my position. But karma is rough and what you do to someone will come right back to you. I will never stop talking about it until someone I know is gone from that company that really has a good reason to exist.Companies are good and provide Jobs and help to the community but unfortunate garbage type managers always winds up getting a big position and they destroy a great institution. So yes shady things do happen in big companies

By Tyrone Garcia

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