Love has no looks…




What is it with us humans? we make all the rights choices but in places where they don’t belong. Why must we chase the unchangeable. We run and run hitting walls going after someone who is just laughing at you. Not all people came to this world to be loved. Some love to live in turmoil. Looks are deceiving and we are deceived everyday by something we think we want, but we are just chasing something else. True love grows in a relationship and when problems occur they love even more. Why is it that one of the two always tries to explore and see if they can feed a desire they have inside portraying it to be love. I believe that some people just feel they cant handle a person who is just more advanced. I learned in Psychology this past semester that you have people who will only stay within their level.they wont shoot up to the stars,because they feel they don’t deserve that type of life.However we are doomed to our weaknesses when coming to the  looks of a person we may be infatuated with. What does a person do when they have tried everything, but clean the person butt and still get the cold shoulder..I guess you should go to the one who loves you even if they don’t fit the person you was fighting for..Why fight when there is no victory in sight. The art of war by sun tzu…. We must follow our hearts and not our pity or desires of who we think may be a good fit in our lives. Sometimes what we are feeling is just pity for someone and want to just show them that their are people who know how to treat people the right way. I’m going to tell you a story.

There was once a man who wanted to leave his wife for another women in a dream. He was working on a ship and was going to different countries and wanted to play with the women but he didn’t. He wanted to be faithful no matter what because he felt that is what God wanted From him but he struggled for he was a womanizer before he got married. While at sea he had a dream that he wanted to leave his wife for this beautiful woman. His father-in-law and family tried to stop him but he was just to overwhelmed by the beautiful lady he wanted to marry. He went on to marry her and left a family that loved him very much. When at his wedding with his new bride the Pastor said you may know kiss the bride. He did and the bride turned into a demon an ugly witch. He than woke up nervous and learned that looks are deceiving and love cant be seen only felt and beauty is within…..

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia. Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t clean” and coming soon  my next book “””The Boss and the fighting Tier””

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