Mental Genocide.

I remember growing up in New York City: they had this positive place called community centers. They were in the hood and had all kinds of programs for the youth and senior citizens in the community. They had the summer youth corps jobs where kids ages 14 to 18 worked during the summer at city agency’s. They also had a lunch program for the people also. It was a good break for those unfortunate families which didn’t have much means for their family. They also had many educational programs to help kids prepare themselves to be better students. Yes it was socialism, but why not. Should not every American have to same opportunity as those who have the means. Frankly D Roosevelt said that all Americans should have a good life, Job, house, vacation, and also started the Social Security program which gave a man or women a retirement they all can count on when they hit the golden ages.The city budget for community centers started to lose interest and little by little they were closed down.You may think I’m a bit of a liberal which I am, but i”m not that far left. I can be a right winger also. One thing I did noticed was that liquor stores and drugs where never cut from society budget especially in the low income neighborhoods.. The communities just got worse and nothing was done about it. There are people who control society and it’s not the Government!! Having violence, drugs, gangs,murder, and crime is a business for those that control and big money comes out of those social problems. The problem is that the people’s ignorance is where the profit is. They cant kill us legally so they take away our resources and let us kill ourselves as we do in the Ghettos of America. So keeping people ignorant is just as powerful as just killing them. I remember growing up as a kid when the Black Panthers and young lords where trying to teach us our parents would call them communist and trouble makers. They were socialist, because only through community power and unity is how you can wake up the people to the truth. People are asleep; you give them a bone and they come running like a dog who has forgotten the damages that were done to them. Education should be pushed hard on every household because Education is not about making more money its about power and freedom to not be ignorant and to understand what you up against.. I started going to College at the age of 50 i’m now 53 and almost finished with my Associates  Degree, but I plan to continue till i cant anymore. I can tell you that I have learned so much more about life and this country that i’m grateful that i did go back to school. I for many years was lost in the ignorant world but my thoughts, morals, and thinking is way different than in the past. I pray and hope you all are doing the same or maybe you have done it already. More power to you, or may I say  “Power to the people”

May your dreams come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t clean. and working on my second book “”The Boss and the Fighting Tier”” coming soon….

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