Be Grateful not complacent….

I’m grateful for everything I have today. My family, Job, health, life, car, and bank account, everything. The question is do we stop growing financially? I have this thing that we must create balance in the world we live. The world continues to progress and prices continues to sky-rocket so are we really ready to sit back and say I’m satisfied with what I have?? Is greed what can motivate me to continue to search for more. I believe we should count our blessings as they come, but we must progress some more. I’m not talking about wealthy people that have tons of money, I’m talking about the regular Joe who is leaving himself unprotected for the future changes that will keep him/ her working till there 80 years old. I believe our daily actions should be gratitude along with how can I grow some more. I’m going to tell you a story…..
There w as once a man who had an awesome job and he made great money. He had a new car every four years rented a nice apartment and had vacations every year. He saved and put 20% of his money into a 401k account that his job offered.. He was satisfied and felt he didn’t have to do anything, but just show up for work, do a good job, do his 30 years, and retire. While others were going to school at night and leaning the new technology, he decided to say there are just being greedy God has given me all I need I’m grateful. Time went by and prices were soaring rent, cars, houses, food, and clothes had skyrocketed. The man never learned the new technology and his salary stood the same. He started to feel the pressure and was worried about his future. The company he worked for failed and he lost the majority of his 401k leaving him with very little money. The company was bought by a new owner which put all new equipment into the factory leaving the man overwhelmed that he never tried to better himself with the new technology. He was let go and had to work for minimum wage at a fast food restaurant and went broke.
The moral of the story is we should all thank God for our material things and life, but when you live in a country that capitalism is its nature you have to be the same. You don’t have to be greedy but you have to create the balance in order to survive, and in the eyes of God there’s nothing wrong with progress and he has no monopoly on who gets rich or not, the decision is yours to make and if you are happy so is God……
May your dream come alive in 2014?
By Tyrone Garcia
Author of the book “Soap that doesn’t clean”

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