The Purse

Life has its rewards and it also has its downfalls. We can take it good, bad, or just look at it as an experience we can grow on. The problem is when you don’t want to let go that’s when you need to worry. You become so obsessed that you can’t function; it’s like an addict who can’t put down the drug. You constantly say you’re not going to do it and by 5pm they you go doing it all over again. What is it when the mind becomes so programmed that you can’t reprogram it to work better? I believe that when we fail using our own methods we need to turn to God. Or to some type of prayer or affirmation that we can start to say and believe in. Words are powerful and when used correctly we can make an impact on our lives. I will tell you a story.

There was once a woman who couldn’t stop spending her money on purses. She used and abused her money and she saw herself always broke. She had an ego that was bigger than her, but she could never change that terrible personality she had. She had divorced twice because the purses she was buying were very expensive between 200 dollars to a thousand. Her credit cards where all maxed out and she was now stealing from her job to buy purses. Eventually she was caught by her supervisor stealing money from  the cash register and was fired from her job. She was lucky that the company didn’t press charges on her. She found herself living on the streets selling her body for money to live. Her life was in shambles and she started to see that her life was going downhill over purses. One day she was with a man who was purchasing sex from her:  he asked her why is she selling her body for money?  She said because I lost my job stealing and I can’t find another. He says “why did you steal? She says “to by this Gucci purse I saw and wanted to buy it” The man says why is having an expensive purse so important to you” The women had no idea how to answer so she paused; and said “I don’t know”. The man said “you are going through all this and don’t have a clue why!!! ” She said “yes I have no clue:  she continues to say she doesn’t remember when she got so out of control. The man decided not to have sex with her, but give her the money anyway. The man than said “you can have anything you want but you have to know when you can have it, and when you can’t have it, and when you’re your acting on impulse. The women smiled and said” thank you I would try to remember that”. The man wrote it down on a piece of paper and told her to read it to herself everyday in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Six months later the man bumped into the women again at a restaurant. She jumped and ran to the man and told him how her life has changed by reading the words he gave her. The man told her affirmation is the key to discipline and a good life, when you repeat to yourself words your brain is taking it in like a computer being reprogrammed. She said thanks to the man and never saw him again thus went on to live a great life.

When we see ourselves struggling write down your struggles and what is leading you towards it than do the opposite and you will see your life start to change.

By: Tyrone Garcia.

Author of the Book Soap that’s doesn’t clean.


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