Love hate needs what is it?


Why does it take so much and so long to tell someone that you love them? What is love? Is it given someone gifts? Helping them when you can’t? Being the one to bring smiles to their face when their down. What is it?? It seems to me that many can’t answer this simple question. Why? Love is one of our biggest emotions that don’t allow us to lie. It’s a feeling of superiority, power, and inner prosperity. We abuse it almost every day and use it as a weakness in people. We believe when someone says that they love you they appeased themselves and became your slave. One of the reasons why divorcees have such a hard time in their following relationship after a bad marriage is because they were used for following the proper format of a relationship. I been separated for a year and have come across several women and it don’t matter what you do or say the past continues to keep them strong on the defensive and some never been loved before. Are the days of romance over? It’s all about material and just getting by, that’s what I see too many negative things in the way of real love and happiness. When in love with someone there’s nobody else that can get in the way of it. Not even a text hello can get you away from real love. What we have today is nothing but someone to help pay bills and that’s it and hopefully he or she stays. We are texting and messaging so much we don’t know if their cheating on you or not, we just assume their talking to their friends. Or what you may call that emergency boyfriend just in case the man of the house leaves you stuck with the bills. Just call ???? I feel for them, because people are so lost in their decisions that it’s almost amusing to me, but sad. On the other hand there are many that are happy and doing fine. I guess this has gone on for years and I’m just noticing it after a long marriage. I remember the movie” Coming to America” with Eddie Murphy he portrayed the life of a financially broke man and got a women that way then surprised her at the end with riches. That is true love and if that’s you kudos to you for being the real McCoy. I will end with this: Love is expensive, it’s the richest possession we have and it’s free.  Whenever we receive love we should do our best to stay and grow, but you must love back in order for it to work hopefully it will?

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “Soap that doesn’t clean”

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