The Homeless man….

The other day I was working and having a pretty bad morning. I was complaining about many things that I wanted.  I looked at this grassy area and saw a man sleeping with all his belongings next to him. It seems that he was homeless. Being homeless is frightening experience for anyone to have. I stared at the man for awhile and said “what do I have to complain about” I quickly thank God for everything I have and became humble. What is it with us humans that make us so ungrateful sometimes? Yes we have bills; we have problems, but as long as there is a roof over your head and you have a job your life should always be happy. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to achieve success, what we should do is count our blessings everyday of our lives. I  will  tell you a story.

There was once a man who asked God for riches, beautiful women, houses, a lucrative business and family. He was given all those gifts, but was always asking for more. He was never satisfied with what he asked for the first time. He managed to stay miserable even though he had the finer things in life. His problem was he wasn’t enjoying what he had he was just trying to keep building. He lost faith in God; so he felt that he should build a mountain of wealth on his own. Within 3 years he lost  all his belongings and wound up working for a company that paid him little money.  His wife left him his children left and he was alone. He was trying so hard to rebuild what he had before so much that he would lose job after job until he was homeless himself. He one day while looking for food saw a family walking towards the market he was next to. He said in his heart how he wished to have what that man had and be satisfied with it. The man walked up on him and saw the homeless fellow and gave him a dollar. The homeless man said thank you. The homeless man walked into the market and purchased a lottery ticket. The next morning he went to check his numbers and he had won a prize of one hundred dollars.  He was happy and jumping for joy that he would have some money to eat. He then bought pants, shoes, and a shirt at a thrift store and went to look for a job. He found a job doing what he did in his last business. He was so humble and happy that within 3 months he was the store manager making fifty thousand dollars a year. He got a new place to live and restarted his life and never again questioned his gifts, he was just happy.

 Life has its reasons and we should always follow the flow of the river never swimming against the current for the universe will give you what want but it must be from the heart not from greed.

May your dream come alive in 2014


By Tyrone Garcia

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