Happy Mother’s Day mom…


Happy Mother’s day mom… I know you not here you’re in heaven with God and Pop.
But I just would like to say that I miss you and dad allot.. I  must  share with you that after so many years I come to the conclusion that my best inheritance in life was your traits. To be compassionate to people always even when they’re not compassionate to you. I saw many people take advantage of you growing up and you never cared you only cared about doing what was good for the person. At the end God blessed you with a beautiful place to retire and you and dad lived well. You live your last days in a beautiful home in Richmond and past on right as I was finishing my book. I remember our last night together I read you the first chapter of my book as you stood still in your bed. i cried for I knew our days will end and only in spirit we would meet again. You never suffered and had everything you needed. All six of your grand kids have college degrees and I’m still working on mine, you flew past everyone in life that tried to put you down and you never worried once about money.  I want to thank you for being my mom “””for I will never worry about anything as long as I love and have compassion for my fellow brother and sister””” Love your son Tyrone Garcia. 
Author of the Book “Soap That Doesn’t Clean”

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