Mission Accomplished Thank you for all your likes today.

Today was a great day for me. My daughter graduated from college with her Bachelors Degree and is starting Law school in the fall working on her masters. Education just keeps going it never stops. As I walked through the campus with my granddaughter which is my daughter baby ‘Yes” she is a single mother”  on my way to the ceremony my tears started to fall for I was full of joy. I remembered my past years of when my daughter was just a baby and I was getting drunk and being irresponsible. How blind I was for I was chasing the devil right into hell while others were telling me to stop. It took many days of pain for me to come to the conclusion that drinking alcohol wasn’t for me. The moment I made that decision my life started to take off. The first thing I did was to take my daughter out of the Bronx and raise her down in Virginia Beach. I remarried and inherited two boys in the marriage and I became their real dad. I bought a house  and raised them like middles class Americans, Disney, trips to Puerto Rico, restaurants, national parks, plane rides, rental cars, and expensive hotels nothing less than the Hilton. Even when I would go to visit family in the Bronx and they offered me a place to sleep: I insist in staying at the hotels. I invested in a restaurant and put them to work after school keeping them out of reach of the devil. Was I over doing it? Yes I was but I didn’t care for I was giving them everything I always wanted the Brady Bunch life style. I remember looking at those TV series and when walking through my neighborhood I would say there is more to life than these projects. Well I did it my son is graduating next year and has a dynamite job and is getting married. My other son is working and he has a great son and wife. I spend thousands keeping them away from the horrors I had to deal with. I worked hard and invested my life to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes I did. Call it fear or whatever but that plan worked for me. I now can sit back and enjoy the rest of my life and continue writing books like I do an addition to working on my own college degree at my middle age of 53. I want to say from the bottom of my heart!!! All the likes and comments  I received today on my post of my Daughters Graduation THANK YOU………

God bless you all

By: Tyrone Garcia. Author :  of the book ‘ Soap That doesn’t clean”

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