Non -Profit misconduct In Virginia Beach.

How does a man who has been accused of fraternization with an employee continues to hold the position of district Manager within a non profit organization never lose his job,but a manager who never been in trouble or ever written up gets fired on hear say of him saying a curse word. Of course the district Manager is white, and the other manager is Hispanic… Why didn’t hear say fire the white District Manager, but canned the Hispanic one??? Maybe the Hispanic manager knew of some of these wrong doings going on and the real reason of his firing was fear that he may talk.

Unfortunately we still live in a world of lies and misuse of managerial positions in the work place. Honesty is more like the enemy and abuse of the system is the right thing to do.I have put together a true story of this incident and I will be working on this new project, because justice must prevail. The sad thing is the company is a real good one and does many good things. But this cancer it has developed has to be told to the public and I will share with you all as I put the information together for you all. lets call it.. ” The Boss and The fighting Tier” 

By Tyrone Garcia

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