Words of the Heart.



The summer is almost here and that means vacations for many for others it’s just another day. What happens to a person who lives day by day seeing the same results? Work, pay bills, watch TV, play the lottery, and dream. It can get old for you pray and pray for your dream to come true, but you wake up to the same scenery. You start to wonder if prayer is just words you say so you can be like the others who pray. The day comes when you stop praying and say ‘ Prayer is just talk” You start to take action and go after your dream and make it happen. Incredible things start to happen and you start to see results. Your dream starts to become a reality. You are no longer praying for hope you have become the master of your own plan. The time goes by and you have delivered on your own actions. Life is great money is available and everything is just pure happiness. Then you sit down and pause on your excited life. You realize that your prayers did work, and that action you took was the gift we all have that God has given us. The power to act on a thought and run with it, prayer is an affirmation !! words from the heart, and when you mean it your body starts to follow your thoughts and make it happen. We pray to God and expect miracles. Our lives are of our own makings. We create our future and God allows us to do as we wish. For if Noah didn’t build the ark he would of drowned along with the rest of the living creatures of the earth.
May your dream come alive in 2014
By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book “ Soap That doesn’t clean”

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