Happy Easter

Easter weekend people are building Easter baskets for the family, buying clothes for church, fasting, walking in a procession, and just living. Some will go to a church they never go to throughout the year, because it’s tradition to go and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I grew up a Catholic and went to Catholic school so I do know the drill. Although I’m not a practicing Catholic today I still follow the routine eat fish on Friday relax on Saturday and celebrate on Sunday. I’m not going to church, but I will celebrate by cooking dinner and hosting family and friends.

I would like to share with you all that the resurrection of Christ can mean many things for us all. It can mean we need to resurrect from a death ourselves, maybe a character defect or a resentment that has been haunting us for years. Sometimes we focus so much on Jesus that we take the focus of ourselves. We too have carried our crosses in many different ways in our lives, but sometimes we continue to carry it. We have not allowed the pain to change us. We ask God for help, but we don’t want it, because we continue to make the same mistake over and over again until it becomes in insanity in our lives. I can say that I to was stubborn for many years of my life. The anger in me was stronger than me. I had no control and lost many things being that way. People would tell me what was wrong with me, but my defensive mechanism would justify my actions and my rational was based on what I liked never following true morals. I say this on this Eater weekend take out the pen and paper and start writing for we all have a rock in our shoe we would like to get rid of.

May your Easter weekend bring you all the insight you need to make the proper changes in your life and hopefully one day you will be celebrating your own resurrection. For the ones that don’t need change treat my post as a cafeteria and eat what you want and leave the rest.

May your Dream come true in 2014?

By:  Tyrone Garcia.  Author of the book “: Soap That doesn’t Clean”


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