Words are powerful

How cold the night can be when alone.

How dark the night can be when there’s no light.

How terrible your life can be when threes no direction

How foolish one can be when ignorance is there motivator..

How blind can be the closed minded.

How can one live life with no creativity.

How can one love God if there worry about their short comings.

How can you have faith when you live in fear?

How can you not see the people who love you?

How can you live in so much denial?

Its crazy how I can come up with so many negative situations I call everyday life. There isn’t a soul on earth that can’t say they ever been affected by these lines I write tonight. I myself deal with it all the time. Perfection isn’t the answer, but progress is. Foe everyday that I get rid of an old attitude I get closer to my dream. I don’t live a life of reality I live a life of fantasy and make it come true by using the power the powers of the universe gave me. We pray so much, but most people don’t understand prayer. Prayer is an affirmation of what you want. We are affirming something and by using our mind we connect to the universes and these fantasies or thoughts come true. The strongest thing we posses is the imagination. I may sound like I’m a little out there, but when you pray to God it’s usually something you feel you can’t do without him. I mean you don’t pray for help brushing your teeth. Sometimes the answers come and sometimes they don’t. The important thing is you believe some power of the universe will help you. I will share with you a story.

When I was living in NY back in the 80s I was struggling with many things. I was divorced battling alcohol, drugs every nightmare any one can encounter. I worked at Hostos community College as a custodian. One day I was pulling the garbage cans out of the offices and saw some posters of Europe. Spain, Italy, and France, I stared at them for a minute than after I said …. “I’m going to visit those countries one day” ……  A few weeks later I was in my room wondering what I was going to do. My three year old daughter comes in my room with a newspaper she was playing with.  She was preparing to put it in her mouth and I yelled “Hey don’t put that in your mouth” I then took it away from her. I paused and decided to look down at the paper and it was the classified ads.  There was an ad in the classified looking for people willing to travel on Military ships. I looked into it and got a job working as a merchant marine but working for the Dept. Of Defense.  My first ship would be called the Sirius. I was given a plane ticket to meet the ship. I was going to Alicante Spain. When the ship left port we went to Italy than France. Plus I would travel to many other places for ten years. On that job I cleaned up my act and moved to Virginia Beach where I live today. Words are powerful ….But only if we believe in what we say.

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the Book “ Soap that doesn’t clean”






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