Happiness needs action

Ignorance is such a strong disease of the mind. Or is it more denial? We know what’s the problem,  but feel it may just get better if we accept it. Why do we accept struggle and happiness we overlook? We try to fool ourselves by saying ‘Oh God just wants to see if I love him” wow!!! People that naive? Yes there are.  I see it every day on Facebook and all over the net.  Our struggles comes from our own doings.  God is not given us struggle it’s us making dumb mistakes and not thinking before acting. Is there a God? Well to me there is something, because I have seen some weird things happen, but I refuse to believe that God plays us into poverty and depression then comes to our rescue. We all have the power to be happy and there is no rule that tells you to stay doomed whether on your job or home you have the right to find Gods happiness. However sometimes bad things do happen like a sickness or death, and even in those times we can find ways to stay out of depression and sorrow. In the South, African Americans would celebrate death for they felt the person real suffering is over and he/ she were on their way to be with God. So if you believe in God why fear death. There are so many ways to dodge the bad times. The thing is accept a problem, because it just happened don’t stay in your problem. My first wife was the smartest women I ever met. She left me like a bad habit within a year of our marriage. I was not worth it at the time. Today she has a master’s degree a couple of properties and living comfortable. I eventually did change and became a success also, but 5 years after she left me. You only struggle because you want to. God has given us the resources and mind to change things ourselves for the best. When the Jews were free from exile it took a man a human man to help them his name was Mosses. God gave him the power to do it, but he had to take the action in order for it to happen, and if  Noah doesn’t built the ark he would of drowned.

By Tyrone Garcia  Author of the book  “ Soap that doesn’t clean”

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