Dream your future

The night is here and the day is gone and again God has opened my eyes

I woke up in frenzy after learning of some troubling financial news.

By 11am it was resolved and the good karma began to come to me.

I enjoyed the day but had my worries and started to fret and lay low.

 Before sundown I was given new info for the future and I started to glow.

My mind turn and turn until I came to the realization that God had my life all planed.

For he says don’t worry about anything just stay full of faith and you will receive.

Received I did I will fulfill my dream soon and all will be good again for I never lost faith.

So I will continue with life and live under the guidance of the universe and keep an open mind.

I will look for the signs of God for whoever dreams and believes will be alive and whoever frets and complains will stay asleep and miss the miracles.

My life has been up and down but that’s ok for one must fall to get back up, but for every time I get up I get closer to my dream.

Don’t feel shy of what you want ask for all the riches of the world for your happiness is what’s important.

God has no monopoly on what you get it’s your ignorance that keeps you down not crazy plans made up to see if you love God.

God has allowed us free will so your problems are of your own doings for he knows that vanity will always get us.

But when you fall and lose it all!!  Believe that it will be all back one day; for Job has already proven that to us.

So I say this my friends be a dreamer and turn it into a reality for many have proven that and you can join them….

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia “Soap that doesn’t clean” available @ amazon.com




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