The bright moon

The moon is  bright tonight going into its full status soon. How nice it looks when at sea for I did sail the oceans for ten years.I remember how when on the bow of the ship I would think of the things I wanted. I would talk out loud to moon, because when In the ocean you in God’s creation. The hours would fly and I felt as I was there a minute or two. The fantasies I would place in my mind of my future life would excite me into an adventurous journey of happiness and strong faith in my creator. The moon would say all will be great and no matter what happens good times will come. The last trip I took was steering the cargo vessel Sirius back to Norfolk Virginia from  the Persian Gulf. One day in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and through the  Persian Gulf and the Red Sea and into the Suez canal I drove the 660 foot vessel. I stopped in Greece, Italy, and Spain, there I will give my last farewell to my time in the east for I would head west to The United States for the last time as a man sailing the high seas. As we crossed  the great Atlantic I only thought of My ten long years in the eastern part of the world. I saw many different people and cultures and wondered how much I loved those places I visited. I would not Know my future would bring me some tornado times, but when the bad times would come I would remember my full moon nights on the high seas. I would say that the moon offered me light in my life always, but the detours would be rough. Working on ship brought me many nights when the sea was rough and I thought It would be my last. I would sleep  close to my life jacket preparing myself for the worse, but the full moon promised to fulfill my fantasies so my faith never died and my mind would look at all the rough times as part of the journey. So as I look at the moon tonight I say” hello its me” and the moon replies, ” your fantasy is near so keep riding the rough waves, for the sea is rough and than it clams down so does life which is the same…..

may your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia

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