Anger Sucks.



I wonder why the good people get the least respect and the bad people get all the love.. Life as I always say is full of learning surprises. I really hate to say this, but people react better when there doom then when their being helped. To struggle is what the people want. Jesus Christ is a perfect example: even rising Lazarus from the dead, didn’t get him the respect he deserved. Jesus was crucified because the human race prefers to suffer and do it all backwards than to just listen and learn from the people who walked the waked. The fool will take advantage of his friend and give there honor to his enemy. Why?? One thing I can say is I was no different.. I to was stubborn and had to hit the bottomless pit of failure to change . I saw my self looking down 17 stories wondering if I had enough of the terrible life, but God came to my rescue and changed my thinking. I started listening and learned to life without justifiable anger. When young many bad  things happened to me which turned into resentments. Resentments are what I call hate cells mounting up in your gut. Whenever you cant handle a situation here comes the hate cells firing you up. It gets to the point that you are always angry and nothing can stop you from fretting all the time. I had this problem for many years and still have some left, but i’m controlling it better  .Resentments will keep you spiritually sick and eventually you will chase away everybody you know for nobody likes an angry person. In 1991 after an AA  meeting in Manhattan my anger took a hit and I felt as the hand of God touched my heart..  I was allowed to cry away my years of anger. The next day I was a new man and started the journey I’m on today. My only problem is I want to give everybody what I have so bad that maybe I hurt them more than I can help them. There I must grow and learn to accept that people grow on there own time not mine. The teacher first must learn to listen before he/she can teach.Though I was a little angry tonight over something I read I feel better know because I’m doing what I love to do and that is share with the world my past, present, and hope.

May your Dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia.

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