The Road

There’s is a story of a man who set out into the world to find himself.

On his way he got lost and couldn’t find the road he needed to take.

He would trust the people with the directions but he continued to get lost

He was so frustrated that he decided to stay lost. Never asking again

He walked in darkness for the darkness covered his ugliness and kept him in denial

“How dark is my life” he would say from time to time, but would continue in his silent scorn

My thoughts are dim, and my actions are dull, and my life is pointless, How will I survive?

Why did I get off the road off freedom to follow a road of lies and problems?

I see now that the people I followed where wrong and my teachers were right.

For I believed my teachers were the tormentors and the people where my teachers

How did I fail to take heed to the teachings of the wise people,how can I follow a mirage of falseness?

Looks are deceiving and denial is big, life feels like an ocean of sharks eating away my flesh.

 But what do I see, A glitter of light calling.  Is it the wise people given me another shot?

I hear a voice and it says “are you ready to continue your journey”

I say ‘Yes Please save me from the abyss” The voice says you always had the power to change..

I say ‘How” the voice says, Just get back on the road you got off.

I do and find happiness. I never listen to the mirage of false people again…..


May your dream come alive in 2014


By Tyrone Garcia


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