Honesty off oneself, friends, and family is the only way to go. We sometimes hold our thoughts and feelings making life as fake as it can be. Just like a phony women faking an orgasm so the man can feel good about himself. Why not just say what you feel so the others can make the changes they need. How many are just ready to bust from faking their lives. Or as they say fake it till you make it. You think you helping your friend or spouse but what you really doing is given them false hope, and an explosion coming on your part. The lies or the enabling off someone is always the wrong move. We make decisions in life at the moment or in need and lure someone into your life only to have to be honest later on a say the truth of how you feel about them.

Friendship between man and women is the biggest fool’s gold out there. Maybe some people can be friends and do the right thing, but some people are too weak to be friends with the opposite sex. They start off as just two people sharing jokes and having fun, than they start sharing their personal lives and start to understand each-others feelings and then the trouble starts. You get deeper and deeper into everyday conversation that little by little you are really starting a relationship and the friendship is just a front, then you are in a world of problems.

Most likely one of you will fall or both. Funny as it sounds you start to realize that maybe thru friendship is where the real love relationship should start. There are so many marriages that met and just got married and years later are in jeopardy, because they both failed to become friends first. I believe that the desperation of getting married takes away the fun and romance..

The flame between man and women is built on their friendship and into the relationship. How does a man or women go from love to hate over night? Why is water thrown on their love passion a passion that enflamed both parties in the beginning. They say it’s still there but how does one find it? Or do you want to find it.  Is life based on coming and going for some people including relationships?   I have witnessed it many times in my 53 years of life.

Where does one find the passion they lost? Life’s obstacles can be hard on the soul of a man and money can take you away from that passion you had, for is marriage just looking to pay the bills? You can say all you want that you should take vacations, and find time for love yada, yada, yada, but we forget one thing:  when the bills are higher than the income it’s pretty hard to take time off. Sometimes I feel that we have worked ourselves away from love, chasing the nice cars, houses, cell phones, Etc. We have become a working society of slaves and most of the country is living week to week one pay day away from disaster. So who has time for love? I don’t know what to tell you, but I can say this. Money and materialistic things disappear, but love is always available.

May your dream come alive in 2014?

By Tyrone Garcia

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