Denial can become misery.

Why is denial so strong in our lives?  We all know the truth about our current situations.  We hear stories of others, we cry, struggle, and go insane holding on to something that just won’t click. How many times must you fail before acceptance becomes your new motivation? I say maybe we feel that we are so close to the end of the terrible cycle that we should wait. It’s like growing up in New York: you never wanted to go home; thinking something was going to happen and you didn’t want to miss it. Sometimes the real answer is right in front of you, the savior is here, but you chose to continue in misery. We are sometimes more attracted to challenges than just going with the one that will make life easier for you. That’s all well and dandy, but God gives us all options and we make the decisions ourselves. The fear of us all is? Are we walking away from something we should fight a little more for?

 I will give you a brief story.. There was once a married couple with one child who started their relationship on the wrong foot. The wife was a strong woman who had strong goals and was doing something about achieving them. The husband was a bad drunk who was a loser of the worse kind. The wife tried so hard to help him change but he wouldn’t. Within 1 year and half they separated and the marriage was over for good. Five years later the husband changed and became successful and remarried and raised their daughter along with his new wife’s kids. You can say would five more years of misery would have been worth it? She also had become successful. You can say maybe she should off waited a little more. She didn’t, but either way both were happy in their new lives. The wife got her master’s degree and made some good real-estate moves. How much less she would have had if she would have continued with the drunken husband?  Allot!   Who knows what terrible accident could of occurred and she never would have made her goals that were important to her.  Both man and women have the right to be joyous, happy, and free. Life is a journey and not all ending are the same for everybody but it’s up to every individual to find happiness and if that means change than so be it. 

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia 

Author of the book   “ Soap That doesn’t clean” available on and

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