Gang Violence

Gangs go way back in American society as far as the 1800s or maybe more, In New York gangs were almost part of society’s  political movement mostly in urban areas. The big city always had it and always will continue to be tormented by it:  it’s certainly a cancer that won’t be allowed to be destroyed. I myself was part of a gang when in adolescent years and I can say they have changed for the worse. Gangs are usually kids who live in poor neighborhoods, and the possibility of them coming from past gang parents is a great possibility. The gang life is almost hereditary for some and new to some also. The problem lies in the past, State and city government never cared about the disruptive urban cities in the past so as long as they stood in their neighborhood the cops didn’t care. The police built a perimeter and they only cared about what past that line into the community they cared about saving. Unfortunately that has come back to bite them on the rear, because gang violence has erupted throughout the entire US and in cities where gangs where unheard of: there are now gangs occupying those places. The problem with these poor communities is the parents are both working to make ends meet. Kids are raising themselves and are prone to learn from other street kids kissing good morals goodbye. The correctional facility are worse than the streets. Correctional officers allow prisoners to be raped, and molested, by other prisoners, allowing drugs, and the continuation of gang  rules in the prison are also a problem. The one in control is the inmate and the system is allowing them to build their own manufacturing plant of making more criminals while there incarcerated.  The whole entire government system is a joke and the tax payers are continuing to get robbed even though the criminal is in jail. I believe more psychological rehabilitation is needed in the prison system. More 12 step programs, and the prisoner have to be able to get a job so he doesn’t go back to the gang life of selling drugs and robbery.  Society cant abandon people which have criminal records, The prison also should enforce  more education, working programs, maybe even grants for certain inmates that have proven they will be successful in society with their own business, People suffer from some type of psychological problem and most of them can be dealt with medically. However what do you do with the prisoner with multiple homicides?  I don’t know. But it does start with the authorities and the medical field and there we should find a common solution to fix our gang and violent problems and prepare them to back into society. 

By Tyrone Garcia

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