Ride the universe

Life is so full of surprises that you’re better off just living without planning.

Walk, talk, and keep an open mind for your plans will be placed in front of you.

By the one you least expect, someone you didn’t know but you needed help and they where there

You start a conversation you had no idea on starting, and the answers you been looking for come

Your eyes open and see that God is doing for you what you can’t do for yourself.

Placing your perfect future in front of you your mind starts to roll with thoughts of negativity

We are so out of sync with the creator that even when he delivers we bring struggle to the table.

For we are mortal and foolish instead of spiritual and prudent, but we move on because of the spirit

We run up and down trying to figure out what happen so we struggle some more how mentally ill we humans can be.

The universe opens up and says stop thinking and start believing, for your struggles are off your own thoughts.

You stop and pause and start to let go and all of a sudden you see the sun shine into your soul

The aura around you brightens and you are relived of struggle and life starts to work perfectly.

For you let go and allow God to guide you so he can make road clear, and the light stays green.

You are now in non-stop travel on your journey and your destination is near.

The universe is now in control your worries are over and you are free.

By Tyrone Garica


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