The Journey Ahead.

The night is here and the day is gone. I talked to a good friend today who told me they weren’t going to worry about money any more. They weren’t going to cry anymore or fight the daily problems anymore. I’m with that person 100%. They are just going to live life and may it all go well. Just give me my family, job, home, and I will be fine.  I concur that’s how it should be. The problem is this? We live in a world that loves to throw salt on our wound. Right when you start to move towards a positive attitude here comes some terrible mishap waiting to happen. Why must we live in the shadows of misery, when the sunshine of happiness are with us? I guess that’s where balance start’s in our lives. Everything that comes into our lives has meaning and we must learn from it. Confronting life’s problems like you confront a school project works better than thinking it’s an omen form the fiery pit of evil. I have been through so much in my life that I feel maybe it’s time for the good times to roll constantly without stopping. But they don’t.  I have faith and I go with that all the time. I do believe that our time will come when the problems are over. We are all guaranteed that. However we must live life to the fullest in order to receive the gifts we have been working on. I see many more miles ahead of happiness and sorrow, but I must keep my walk going without stopping. I saw the movie the other day about the life of Jesus. I leaned that at the end of his walk he wanted out of his future sorrow. He prayed to be given a pass for his future was a hard one and the pain would be devastating to bare. He decided to do it anyway, and go on with the punishment from the so called righteous men they called the high priest.  I would have been sold on Jesus for the man talked good and backed up his word. But just like Jesus we must all carry our cross in life and there’s no way around it. Trying to allow dishonesty to be your guide will only prolong your terrible times. For lie after lie you will eventually run out and will be back to where you stopped off. Life is a journey not an omen. All of us have our ditches to dig ourselves out of, but that’s what makes life a journey of learning. Just like everybody else. The quicker we see life this way the easier life will get, and the faster you will find happiness. So follow my friend’s advice and stop crying and start living with acceptance for its not as bad as it looks….

May your dream come alive in 2014..

By Tyrone Garcia


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