Goals are fun.

Goals are never easy but can be fun:depending on the goals you are trying to reach. We have all types of ideas that we feel will make us happy once achieved. We get into trouble, lose friends, jobs, and relationships especially when we get obsessed with making them. I saw a documentary today about the late Vince Lombardi a football coach who won 5 NFL championships. He only knew the word win and would work his players till they were blue in the face. His demeanor was to motivate the players to exceed there potential-potentials that the players themselves didn’t know they had. He once told a player who he was mentally beating up on the practice field that he would be the best guard in the NFL that year. The player said that  he was so motivated he worked harder than he ever worked before. In that year he was considered the best guard in the NFL. Goals need motivation and when you here them you tend to do better because you was acknowledge for your talent. I am the same way with people even when they look like they cant do it I tell them they can. The biggest power in life is faith in your belief. When you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything you want. Even when you fail you get back up and start all over again. Sometimes being obsessed isn’t a bad thing as long as its being channeled for motivation to continue and not give up. In my 53 years of life I have been through the ringer of constant obstacles. I have looked at every obstacle  in the face and challenged it. It feels like if I don’t have an obstacle I cant function correctly.However when do we need to understand when it’s time to throw in the towel and maybe let go of a goal that just wont happen? That’s a hard one especially for me who don’t understand the word quit. In 2008 when I was fighting to keep my business open I started to see that I was beaten but would not sell. I continued to fight and made excuses for I thought it was just a matter of time that the people would come to my rescue. However very few did and denial was my motive. I eventually sold and again had to become someones employee.I sat around the apartment in despair and silent disharmony but I eventually got up and went to school, started this blog, got a job and wrote a book of my failures and successes. I looked at what I have done with the old business and saw that the 10 year run i had in business created more capitol in people than money. In the distant future my son is getting married to a nice girl he met on his job 5 years ago. A job he got from one of my customers from the restaurant. My granddaughter father came into my family while at the restaurant also,.the Job my wife has came from customers from the restaurant which she got several months after we sold..I had the privileged of working for two years at a company where I met great friends which I text with and enjoy their company an addition that company made me a better manager than I was before. All of life obstacles have meaning and if you motivate yourself even when the chips are down and some of your peers can help just like Lombardi did for that football player by telling him he will the best guard in the NFL.  We to can be the best at whatever we want to achieve. And to conclude this i’m almost close to getting a college degree something I thought I never can do.My website has hit 10.000 views and people from over 50 countries has read my post. I certainly can say i have reached some goals, but i will continue and hopefully I can reopen that restaurant I had. This time I will be better prepared because i took time out to reach some goals that i needed in order to be a successful businessman..

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book ” Soap That doesn’t Clean”  available on amazon.com e-book and any online booksellers.

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